Sustainability – Wild Paths & Ecolibrium

March 24, 2021

Wild Fields 2020

The Wild Paths ethos has always revolved around the festivals efforts to tackle key climate issues and challenge outdated attitudes surrounding gender and minority group representation. In 2019 it achieved its goal of going single-use plastic free across the whole festival site and now in 2021 the team are looking to make Wild Paths carbon neutral by working in conjunction with Ecolibrium.

Ecolibrium started life in 2015 as ‘Energy Revolution,’ a festival industry response to COP21 and research showing that travel typically causes 80% of a festival’s carbon emissions. Founding festival members include; Shambala, Boomtown, Secret Garden Party and Kendal Calling… and now Wild Paths!

This rapidly growing community of events, festivals, suppliers, artists and music companies is taking action to reduce the environmental impacts of travel, the largest source of emissions from live events. If you’d like to be a part of tackling those toxic travel fumes and balancing your festival carbon footprint then make sure you add on the relevant donation when grabbing your Wild Paths Festival ticket from our ticket page.

100% of your donation will be invested directly into either clean renewable energy or your money will help restore ecosystems through tree planting and forest regeneration. Sounds like a healthy investment!

Want to do more? Ecolibrium have just launched there new travel emissions app so you can continue to log your travel miles, calculate your carbon emissions and then donate to balance out that carbon by investing in climate-friendly programmes and charitable organisations.

Wild Paths is proud to be a part of making a positive change… we’re a new breed of festival!