Which ticket type is for you? 

Day all the way.

Want to see what Norwich looks like when it lets loose and opens its doors to the finest musical talent 2020 has to offer? At 2pm? On a Sunday? Your wish is our command. We’re serving that sh- from Friday afternoon right through to Sunday. 

The Late, Late Show.

Bit of a night owl, are we? Us too. After the witching hour is when the magic really starts. With more DJs and balls-to-the-wall parties than last year, we invite you to skip sleep for a bit at any, or all of our late night events. 

Bundle me up, buttercup.

Go hard or go home, that’s what we say. Don’t let the fun stop at bed time – carry on getting Wild with us until the early hours. Then get up and do it all again. Not for the faint-hearted. 

To buy tickets for this event please visit our events page: Wild Paths Festival tickets from Skiddle.

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The Weekend (DAY) Pass and all the individual Day Passes will allow you access to watch all the ‘live artists, bands and any other day time events – predominantly pre 11pm’

The Weekend (Late-Night) Pass and individual Late-Night Passes will allow you to attend all ‘after parties, DJ events and the odd late-night live electronic act’

Essentially one pass type is for the Live events and the other for the DJ events although there are one or two events that cross-over here and a handful of events where access will be granted for both types of pass holder

These different categories of pass type have been implemented this year to give festival goers with different preferences a little more flexibility and allow them to build their own unique festival experience

This year there’s also two days of festival conferences, panel discussions, industry events and artists in conversation (Thursday 15th & Friday 16th October). The Conference Pass will allow you access to all of this and plenty of time will be made for networking opportunities during and after the program of events.

The VIP pass will give you access to everything through the week, fast-track access at the major venues and a tote bag full of partner goodies

There’ll be other unique festival experiences made available very soon… so keep an eye out for these.