42° Festival

April 30, 2021

It’s nice to see a new festival emerging from the wreckage of 2020!

42° festival will be taking its maiden voyage in July this year, it’s billed as an intimate music and arts festival to be held on the north eastern edge of the Lake District.

The festival will be a weekend of shared experiences through funk & soul, jazz, disco, hip-hop and house, live music and DJ sets, comedy, spoken word, film, workshops and jamming sessions.

42°’s core values include celebrating creativity in an intimate setting, supporting local, up-and-coming artists and businesses, promoting sustainability and encouraging diversity.

Wild Paths is proud to be working alongside 42° to present events that our truly diverse, broadly creative and highlight key issues surrounding sustainability and our impact on the natural world.

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You can find out more via the website and their insta page

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